Dogs Benefit from the Nutrition of Supplements

This is an excerpt from an excellent, informative article on NaturalNews, one of the Web’s premier natural health websites.  You take vitamins, why not your pets?  Try chewables.  Our dog loves the grape ones..

Dogs Benefit from the Nutrition of Supplements

by Melanie Grimes, Natural News

Dogs can benefit from taking supplements as well as human, and many pet owners are jumping on the doggie nutrition bandwagon. Sales of pet nutritional supplements in the United States increased by seven percent in 2009, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. Sales of human nutritional products increased as well but only by six percent. A few nutrients are known to provide maximum nutrition for dogs, including Omega-3s, glucosamine, antioxidant vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, and digestive enzymes. Pet stores now stock many of these dog supplements.

Digestive Enzymes for Dogs
Dogs who eat grass need the addition of digestive enzymes to their diet, according to the holistic vet, Dr. Jackie Obando at Mercy Vet. By adding a powered digestive enzyme to the food, the digestion improves and most grass eating is eliminated. There is nothing wrong with eating a little grass, but it can cause an upset stomach in some pets.

Omega-3 and Fish Oil for Dogs
Adding fish oil to a dog’s diet helps them deal with inflammation. For dogs that have allergic dermatitis or food allergies, fish oil is an important nutrient to add to their diet. Dogs that are prone to arthritis can also benefit from the Omega 3s. Any joint problem and even cancers are helped by the addition of fish oil. The recommended dose is 150 mg a day for dogs under 15 pounds, and twice that amount for a medium dog. A large dog can take up to 450 mg a day.

Glucosamine for Dogs..

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