8 Remarkable Animals That Saved People’s Lives

Animals do remarkable things.  Here’s proof.

8 Remarkable Animals That Saved People’s Lives

by Bryan Nelson, Care2/MNN

Many people owe their lives to the tender protection and brave acts of other animals. Here’s just a small look at the stories of eight remarkable animals that have saved people’s lives.

Pig dashes into street for heart attack victim

JoAnn Altsman had a heart attack and collapsed to the ground. Lulu, her daughter’s pot-bellied pig, rushed out of the house, lying down in the street to stop traffic. The pig tried relentlessly to get help, returning to the house to check on JoAnn, only to rush back to the street desperate for help. Finally, one person stopped and followed the determined pig back to the house, where they found JoAnn in pain on the floor. She was immediately rushed to a hospital.

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