5 Ways To Bond With Your Fish

by Snuzzy

Fish can make great pets, but the whole ‘living in water’ thing makes them pretty hard to bond with. They can have cute faces and be interesting to look at but most fish enclosures keep them in an inaccessible cube at the other side of the room. The only way to really see your fish in traditional tanks is to walk up to their aquarium and tap on the glass, and that’s not very fun. Luckily, capitalism has come up with multiple semi-practical solutions for making your fish feel more like pets and less like a second rate television.

Sigh, this would be my ideal solution, but alas, it’s not real (this is an ad for a magazine) and it’s likely mechanically impractical to make a functioning fish leash, but I can dream. (via etoday)

This one, however, is real. It’s a “fish bowl handbag” that you can use to carry your fish around with you like a small dog. Although, I doubt it’s very practical either–the fish would probably be jostled around too much to be comfortable. And besides, where are you going to take a fish? You can only go to the aquarium so many times. (via Found Sh*t)

This one is more like it. Your fish have a little world to explore, and you can use the end table part as an end table! Your fish would be 2% more a part of the family! But it’s $3,400, which probably costs more than all your fish and their life supply of food combined. (via Gizmodo)

This one is also prohibitively expensive, at $4,900, but it’s by far my favorite. It turns your sink’s wash basin into a accessible habitat for your aquatic friends. Plus it’d give you an excuse to spend a few minutes a day with your fish, depending on your level of personal hygiene. (via Luxury-Gadgets)

Ah, this “Fish-N-Flush” toilet tank is, surprisingly, the most practical unconventional fish tank I’ve found. At only $200, it’s actually affordable and you’d necessarily see your fish up close multiple times a day. It’s basically an affordable, less classy version of the awesome Aquarium Washbasin. (via Fish ‘n’ Flush)