Blessed by Bailey

by Kassie

Almost one year ago my dear friend Doug suffered a stroke…… on his 40th birthday.  Not having a family of his own we adopted him into ours.  We’ve been taking care of him ever since.  It’s not always an easy job, but it’s been a very rewarding one.

While his stroke left him physically disabled Doug has worked very hard and has made remarkable improvements.   However, he is not able to hold a job or drive and spends most of his days home alone.

Seeing how much he loved our pets, and how much they loved him, I knew that once Doug was physically capable we would find him a dog of his own.  A companion who could keep him company and ease his lonliness.   That day arrived 3 weeks ago.

While searching for the perfect dog I came upon the “Heaven Can Wait” website.  I was able to view many pictures of various dogs available for adoption, but one photo in particular stood out.  I just knew there was something special about “Bailey” the moment I saw him.

Later that day I showed Doug the pictures on the website, and ironically he pointed out the same dog!

I spoke to Karen at “Heaven Can Wait” and she informed me that Bailey was being housed at the Womens Correctional Facility way out in Jean, Nevada.  Although it would be a long trip we were determined to meet this fellow.  And it was worth the drive.

We knew immediately that this was the right dog.  We took Bailey home where he and Doug could begin to bond.  At first poor Bailey was very shy and timid.  That’s probably because he had been abused by his previous owner.  However, within just a few days he really began to come out of his shell……. as did Doug!  It was obvious that these two were meant for each other!

It’s only been a few weeks since Bailey has become a part of our family, and he has already done wonders for his new daddy.   Doug feeds him, grooms him, walks him, and plays with him every day.  It’s been wonderful physical therapy for him.  Having a pet of his own to care for keeps him physically and mentally active.

Bailey has brought so much happiness into this man’s life, and visa versa.   I have never seen Doug smile and laugh so much since having his stroke! And I have never seen a happier dog! It warms our hearts to see these two together. And Bailey doesn’t leave his daddy’s side.   This was truly a match made in heaven, and proof that a little love can do wonders for both man and his bestfriend!