Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Just a reminder that Halloween can be a dangerous time for pets.  Not all people love animals and many have strange superstitions this time of year regarding them.  So keep your pets safe.

Black, dark gray, or similarly-colored cats should be kept indoors.  In fact, all cats are better off kept inside for Halloween (day and night).

Dogs should be leashed, kept away from the door, or in a fenced yard away from the front door if you’re expecting trick-or-treaters.  They may not understand what is happening, can frighten children, and could cause harm or problems.  Make sure they are safe and that they are kept where tricksters won’t turn them loose “just for fun.”

Finally, if you dress your pets up for Halloween, make sure the costumes are safe and comfortable.  Those bee antenna might look great on your puppy, but when you’re not looking, he’s going to eat them and might choke.

Above all, have fun this Halloween!