Homeless  Pets  Need Love Too

Most people know that taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. One that requires a lot of time, effort, and love.  Sometimes, you just can’t do what you know you should for your pet.  Regretfully, people who find themselves in this position often do the wrong thing and abandon their pet.  Dogs, cats, and other animals are left to fend for themselves, often far from their homes, and with very little chance of making it.

Others do the right thing and find a home for their pet. Sometimes they aren’t able to and turn to groups of animal lovers to help them.

Whatever the situation, those animals need someone to care for them and need families to love.

This website is all about helping families who want to rescue a pet and give it love and families who can’t keep their pets any longer and want to do the right thing.

Watch us as we grow into something new.  Although Gateway’s Needy Animals the shelter is no longer in operation, this website will become a clearinghouse for needy pets around the nation in an effort to help them find new homes and families and the loving care that they need and deserve.

We work closely with other rescues in the area, notably Litl’ Bit of Love in Carpenter, Wyoming and others.  Your donation helps us and others care for these animals that need help.